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In preparing an issue reaction paper, you first need to select a statement from the media to which to react.  Select some provocative or controversial statement that begs for either a negative or positive response.  When you hear something on TV or read something in the papers or in an article that sparks a reaction—either in agreement or disagreement—you’ve got it. Write down the statement or quote and ask the instructor if it is acceptable before you begin your paper.  Your paper should define the issue clearly and explain why it is important to you. It is important that papers be turned in on time, note that one point will be deducted from your final grade for each day the paper is overdue.



Body of paper should be 5-7 double-spaced typed pages, excluding bibliography and footnotes.  Papers will follow the format as outlined below.  No exceptions please.  Two copies of the paper will be submitted.  A hard copy will be graded and returned, the second copy will be sent to the instructor via e-mail. 



The paper should contain eight elements: title page; reaction statement; importance; definition; position; support arguments; conclusion; and bibliography of information sources.  Each element should be identified by the appropriate heading.

bulletTitle page should conform to example provided on webpage.  
bulletReaction Statement should be a direct quotation from an individual or other source.  This statement should be clearly stated and referenced (footnote) at the beginning of your paper.  No elaboration or explanation is needed.  
bulletImportance should contain at least one paragraph explaining why this particular issue is important to you--why you selected it in the first place.  This is where you can elaborate on the statement.  
bulletDefinition should include several paragraphs clearly identifying the most important aspects addressed or implied in the issue statement.  As you define the issue or issues contained in the statement, you will find this will also help you clarify your own position.  
bulletPosition section should contain several paragraphs detailing exactly what you think about the issue or issues addressed in the issue statement.  When the reader finishes this section, they should have no doubt about where you stand on the topic.  
bulletSupport Arguments should include several paragraphs to identify the most important aspects of your position--and the facts, data, examples, etc. necessary to back them up.  “Just because,” is an insufficient argument.  What is the proof?  Where is the evidence to support your position?  Upon what information do you base your position?  At least three--no more than two internet-- referenced works will be necessary to support your position.  You will need to present your arguments accurately, logically, coherently, consistently, and clearly.   
bulletFootnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page aand reference all sources used in preparing the paper.  Format should consistent and confrom to the guidelines provided by the instructor.  For a paper of this length, a minimum of three--no more than two internet--references are required.  
bulletConclusion paragraph should sum up your argument clearly, persuasively, and concisely.  
bulletBibliography should include all sources used in preparing the paper and conform to the standards provided by the instructor.