Environmental Documentary Films

All students in our course created a documentary film that represents the environmental beliefs and values of members of our class.  These films premiered at Guilford College.  Similar to producing an advanced research paper for an upper-level course, producing a documentary film allows each student team to communicate and demonstrate not only mastery of key concepts and values of American environmental thought, but also to demonstrate mastery of technical and practical skills such as defining goals, idea development, time management, logical development, and cooperative learning.  Creating films not only challenge student teams to confront the difficulty of translating complicated legal and policy issues into a form the average person can understand, but also to engage in interdisciplinary creative and critical thinking and analysis.

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2005 Films

"New Orleans: The Impossible City" by Joshua Lewis, Abigail Blodgett, Ian Breckheimer and Benjamin Taylor

"Biodiesel" by Anne Belott, Grace Boyle, Andrew Gottleib and Carl Simon

"No Child Left Inside" by Rob Overman, Kym Teslik, Heather Upchurch and Nat Schier


2008 Films

"10 Under 100" by Jesus Hills and Ann McCosker

"The Evolution of Camping in America" by Lydia Fakes, Sasha Lipton Galbraith, and Chris Pugliese

"Is It Just Food?" by Elizabeth Heller, Abigail Rogers, and Gabriela Spang

"The Power of Coal" by Annamarie Calasanti-Laws and Xan Lovatt

"Re-Training America" by Heydn Ericson and Malcolm Kenton


2010 Films

"It's in the Bag: The Future of Plastic Bags" by Jillian Farnham, Mara McLaurin & Michelle Severance

"Another One Rides the Bus!" by Patrick Farrell, Dylan Depasquale & Shawn Melanson

"The Real Children of the Corn!" by Molly Gibbs, James Williamson, Kelsey Vergin & Sam Flake

"The Fate of Waste: The Story of the White Street Landfill" by Chesapeake First, Anne Marie Drolet, Emma Deutsch & Joanna Bernstein

"Disposable Cups: Totally Trashed!" by Linnea Saby, Tom Blackington, Dima Hanania & Laurie Elseroad

"LEEDing the Nation" by Abby Knowlton, Rhyan Hughes, Mary Simpson & Wayne Flenniken

"Keep It Real " by Ben Ardel, Hannah Swenson & Courtney Mandeville

All films provided here represent the intellectual property of the students that produced them.  Please use these movies respecting this ownership.